Bob WilliamsBob Williams – non exec Chairman

Bob Williams has degrees in geology from the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge, England. From Cambridge he was recruited into BP in early 1976, where he worked in increasingly senior roles in London, Stavanger, Aberdeen, Sunbury Research Centre, The Hague, and Melbourne Australia.

In 1994, Bob formed and led the team which created Novus Petroleum Limited which still remains Australia's largest-ever IPO of an upstream oil and gas company. Novus floated in May 1995 with booked reserves of 59 million barrels of oil equivalent, and was then valued at about A$180 million. Under his leadership, Novus twice won the ASX Award for "Best in Investor Relations" after its introduction in the year 2000. During its history, Novus expanded through a combination of exploration success, other organic growth mechanisms, and acquisitions. At various times, the company raised a US$100 million facility of revolving, senior corporate debt, and made an issue of US$80 million of private notes into the US bond market.

In 2005, with others, he set up Indago Petroleum Ltd, a company with assets in the Middle East which then listed in London. He was the founding CEO of the company before becoming a non-executive director. Investors in the float of Indago saw their investment return three-fold over [3] years.

In 2006-8 Bob was the founding Executive Chairman of Lodore Resources, which contained a portfolio of US exploration assets and was listed on the London AIM market before being taken over by IB Daiwa Ltd, a Japanese trading company listed on the Tokyo Stock Market. Following the takeover, IB Daiwa’s share price rose from 30¥ to around 350¥. Bob then served as a non-executive director of IB Daiwa until 2008.

Subsequently Bob has been involved with the creation and governance as director of a number of other public energy companies listed on the London, Australian and Tokyo stock exchanges.

Bob has wide relationships with the international capital markets and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, which is a qualification achieved through examination following a minimum period of demonstrated experience in corporate governance.

Derek SmithDerek T. Smith – Director and co-founder

Derek (55) is an electrical engineer by background, having completed his apprenticeship and first 10 years of work at the Royal Naval base in Chatham.

From 1982-4 he was employed by Saudi Aramco in on-shore technical support for rig positioning and charting the Arabian Gulf. His work included equipment sourcing, ship refitting, repair and maintenance, staff and sub contractor management.

From 1984 -9 he was responsible for the planning and implementation of all company sea trials on HM ships and submarines fitted with towed sonar arrays, fault diagnosis and on site repair worldwide. He wrote test specifications and procedures, designed trials equipment, testing and implementation to production stage.

Since 1989 he has been self employed, restoring and operating a fleet of vintage Roll Royce cars. Derek is an exceptional engineer with a strong track record in project management

David JacksonDavid M. Jackson – Director

David (44) is an economist by background, with an MBA, having studied at Oxford University and London Business School.

After a 15 year career in banking and private equity, he left in 2002 to form his own business, manufacturing re-cycling machines. He built up the business from a start up to an annual turnover exceeding £1.5m and 12 staff, before sale in 2005.

From 2006 until joining EEL in 2010, David worked in the oil and gas sector, founding a new company, Gasol plc, which became listed on AIM in 2008.

David has a full understanding of finance and commercial issues, and experience in managing relationships with investors, banks and other stakeholders.